Willkommen bei den GästeführerInnen der Museen und der Städte Detmold + Horn
Detmold bei Nacht

Welcome to the Detmold City- and Museumguides !

We are the local Guides of the old towns Detmold and Horn in Germany. Many of our members are also Guides in the Detmold Open-Air Museum. Some of us guide our guests to the Hermann Monument and the Externsteine near by Horn.

The holiday region Teutoburg Forest forms the eastern part of North Rhine Westphalia, south of the border to Lower Saxony. Detmold is located directly at the ridge of mountains of the Teutoburg Forest.

Detmold, once a residential city, is nowadays better known as „the city of culture in the Teutoburg Forest„.        Here in „Herman Country„, cultural variety is combined with a proximity to nature. More than 600 historic buildings adorn the city, which was awarded a gold medal. Small half-timbered houses alternate with proud plastered buildings.

It was possible to live an absolutely princely life in Detmold ever since 1265. The territorial Lords of Lippe used to rule here. Nowadays, the colourful hustle and bustle of young and old dominates. Both, guests and local residents, enjoy an exceptional city for living and shopping in the middle of a historic setting.

Detmold is the city of culture for everyone. The Regional Theatre Detmold, the Highschool for Music and the Summer Theatre offer a broad spectrum of performances ranging from classic to modern. A varied programme of open-air events in a historic ambience, such as the Summer Stage and the International Street Theatre Festival, cabaret and more, has secured Detmold`s reputation as a cultural centre. The Literature Office OWL, numerous museums, schools, colleges and the Lippe State Library all contribute to a fertile cultural climate. The largest and oldest museum in the region, Regional Museum Detmold, has developed into an admirable collection of Lippe and the international cultural assets since its foundation in 1835.

In the centre of the old town, the Residence Castle, built in the Weser Renaissance style, imparts an unforgettable look in the past.



In the LWL-Open-Air Museum Detmold more than 105 completely furnished buildings, spread over 100 hectare, illustrating all of the landscapes of Westphalia, present the historical back-ground of rural architecture and life-style. From April until Oktober, Germany´s biggest Open-Air Museum offers manifold experiences and activities. According to the season and the weather, you can gather various impressions of what life in the country was like in the past.

The Herman Monument, high above the city of Detmold, the symbol of the region, dedicated in 1875, acts as a reminder of the famous „Battle of the Teutoburg Forest„, which took place in the year 9 A.D.